Everything you need to know about Jumpstart Foundry’s summer accelerator. Check out our promo video from last year's demo day for a look inside our program:


Jumpstart Foundry (JSF) is a 14-week, mentor-driven business acceleration program culminating in the launch of successful startups, showcased at Investor Day. JSF has been fast-tracking the growth of tech-oriented startup businesses since 2010. 

65% of our alumni are still in business — either bootstrapping operations (15%) or having raised follow-on capital (50%) averaging $800,000 per equity-financed graduate. The median follow-on round is $500,000. The maximum is $2.2M with total follow-on financing of just over $8M in three years.

JSF has experienced tremendous growth, becoming the leading business accelerator in the Southeast as it enters its 4th year. We’ve graduated 30 companies and we have over 100 carefully vetted mentors.

New in Spring 2013: JSF has opened a Silicon Valley office where alumni companies will receive expense-paid office space and apartments while building their funding and strategic networks. Only JSF alumni companies will have access to this substantial benefit. Full release.



Your company will benefit from personalized program and mentor attention over 14-weeks during which your team will work 12-15 hours/day for six days per week totalling 18 months of accelerated business progress in approximately three months. 

  • Week 1: Who is the Customer, and why do they need you?
  • Week 2: Rapid Market Validation and Prototyping (SquaredCircle)
  • Week 3: Roadmap for Customer Development
  • Week 4: Being Data Driven – Know your business drivers, Stay Honest and Transparent
  • Week 5: Building the A-Team – Key Roles, Advisory Boards, Mentors
  • Week 6: The Customer’s Solution – Product Vision and Design Focus
  • Week 7: Competition (Analysis / Five Forces) / Differentiation (Being Novel) / IP
  • Week 8: Getting to the Market – Distribution, Message, Audience
  • Week 9: Pricing and Packaging
  • Week 10: Customer Pilots – Securing Commitments to Use / Purchase
  • Week 11: Projecting Sales – Building a Pipeline
  • Week 12: The Financial and Operational Plan – Assumptions, Cash Flow, P&L
  • Week 13: The Art and Science Of Pitching, Angel Financing and Term Sheets
  • Week 14: Refining the Message & Launch Plan

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