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Brief Company Description

Jumpstart Foundry is a Nashville-based healthcare seed fund with one simple mission: Make Something Better. JSF invests in 15-20 healthcare technology companies annually and guides these innovators on their journey to impact health through capital, connections, and support.

JSF has established close relationships with some of the largest hospitals, insurance companies, physicians and healthcare corporations around the country. Each year our industry partners trust Jumpstart to help them find great new start-ups to solve specific problems that they have identified in their business. We then search across the U.S. to find the best teams building incredible innovations that match these real-world challenges.  We call this Industry- First investing.


We believe founders need more than just capital to succeed and provide meaningful innovation in healthcare. That’s why we’ve developed an extensive network of people, services and community around collaborating together to win.

We invest all over America, not just the coasts. Because innovation comes from driven founders and supportive partners, not your postal code.

Year Founded



Vic Gatto & Marcus Whitney

Current Team

Vic Gatto, CEO

Eller Mallchok, Managing Director

Rachel Hengesh, Brand Marketing Manager

Gabe Laurence, Associate

Investment Areas

Healthcare IT

Tech-enabled services

Consumer Health Products/Services

Diagnostic Devices


Respect the bunny...his name is Percival, but you can call him Percy.


Style Guide

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