About us

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It all started when…


Vic Gatto, an experience venture capitalist, and Marcus Whitney, a serial entrepreneur, wanted to redefine healthcare investing. Together they wanted to create a fund that was driven more by facts and market-need than hunches and friendships.

Jumpstart Foundry initially began as an accelerator which ran companies through a 3 month and invested $15,000 at 6% equity. In 2015, JSF pivoted to a venture capital platform targeting healthcare companies who were looking to scale operations or finding their first pilot.

Over the course of 4 funds, an exit, the addition of Jumpstart Capital, (our growth-fund) and many successes for our portfolio, we are approaching Fund V with a higher valuation and our program, “The Refinery” which adds strategic value to our portfolio. We’re looking forward to what’s in store with 2019!

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