Market Innovation Analyst

Who We Are :: 

Jumpstart Foundry is a seed-stage, healthcare innovation fund with one simple goal: Make Something Better™. 

Based in Nashville, TN, Jumpstart Foundry invests in 15 - 20 startups from across the country who are building innovative solutions to improve health & healthcare. 

With both a Seed-Stage and Growth Fund under management, and 60 companies in our portfolio, Jumpstart Foundry is seeking a Market Innovation Analyst to spearhead our industry engagement and innovation analysis efforts.

Who You Are ::

- You have a high level understanding of the healthcare industry and can analyze industry trends to identify opportunities for innovation

- You are an effective "people connector" and excel when it comes to building and managing relationships

- You’re a strategic thinker and can see the big picture, but can also focus on executing projects to see them to completion

- You are autonomous and self-directed and thrive in a fast-paced environment

- You’re a team player and enjoy working in a collaborative environment

What You’ll Do ::

The Market Innovation Analyst maintains a broad understanding of what providers, payers, retailers
and investors are looking for in innovation; develops relationships with insight partners to gather
more detailed information; creates an annual industry report to present the trend analysis research with will inform JSF investment decisions; and matches JSF portfolio companies to Insight Partners.

I. Develop Relationships With Key Industry Insight Partners

This is an outward facing role.  You will talk to existing Jumpstart healthcare industry and investor connections as well as identify and develop new relationships to increase the size and scope of our network.  This will be achieved through in-person one-on-one meetings, by holding small group sessions, over the phone and via email. 

Most people in the healthcare industry are interested in innovation --- they see innovation as a way to help more patients or it may offer opportunities to advance their personal career.  At times Jumpstart Insight Partners see innovation as a threat to their organization.  Your job is to seek to understand how each person in our network views innovation.  Learn about what excites them and what scares them.

This is also true regarding investment firms.  Investors are always looking for great new innovations in which they can invest.  Your job is understand exactly what type of deals are best fit for their firm (deal size, stage, industry vertical, etc.) and build a relationship of trust.

II. Identify Healthcare Market Trends & Opportunities for Innovation

Through Insight Partner & investor relationships and ongoing discussions, you will identify trends in the industry and fertile ground in which innovation can help solve challenges and improve existing systems.  You will document these market opportunities and pass them to the investment side of Jumpstart, where your research will help guide investment decisions from the fund.

There will always be many more challenges than Jumpstart can find solutions for, but this market intelligence dramatically increases the rate of our investment success.

III. Connect Jumpstart Portfolio Companies to Industry Experts

You will learn about the companies in the Jumpstart portfolio and connect them to Insight Partners and investor contacts when you believe it may be beneficial for the partner and the portfolio company. 
However, you will always be the advocate for the industry.  This is not a sales role to help portfolio companies close deals.  If a company in the Jumpstart portfolio can honestly help someone in industry then of course you should connect them and facilitate both sides learning about one another.  However, if in your judgement the solution isn’t a good fit, then you will not introduce them.  All of the Jumpstart companies believe they have a wonderful solution for many situations --- they are always selling.  You must act on behalf of your industry and investor contacts.

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