Jumpstart Connect

Our network and calendar of events is designed to connect you with peers, mentors, industry executives and capital connections all positioned to support and expand your business goals.

We believe in the right connections at the right time. Appropriate time and context often leads entrepreneurs to a deeper understanding of their product/market fit and can open up new channels to customers and strategic partners. The Jumpstart Connect networks and programs are designed to pair Founders with customers, vendors, peers, mentors and investors at the right time when their expertise and influence has the greatest impact.  

The Connect networks and programs include:

We pair our portfolio companies with experienced, industry-specific executives to help at any stage. Whether you are validating customer/market fit, building business model viability, or have repeatable sales processes in place. We set realistic expectations for productive conversations by connecting companies to the right decision makers at the right time - no more “losing a lead”  because you’re “too early”. Advisory can take the form of a 30 minute to 1 hour meeting twice a year all the way to a seat on your ‘advisory board.’

Executive Connect

Being an entrepreneur is a lonely business. Joining a community of entrepreneurs who are also going through the ups and downs with you helps a lot. Our portfolio companies say that walking through  ‘the startup life’ among peers is vital. Founders join our Portfolio Slack Channel that is customized to your cohort and market to bring commoriditary to your team. Meet up in your city, trade tips & tricks, and grow together.

Peer Connect

Great people are the X-factor to any successful organization and often dictate the “make it or break it call for a company. That's why we're devoted to connecting our portfolio companies to the best business mentors and vendors who are at the top of their game and know how to help. Jumpstart Foundry portfolio companies are paired with general business mentors that are eager to take quarterly and monthly advising calls.

Mentor Connect

The majority of our portfolio companies go on to raise additional capital. And we aren’t going to lie...raising follow-on capital can be a grueling process. Good news is that we have a few friends in the industry - hundreds in fact. We have established connections with a variety of venture capital firms to provide warm leads for your next round. Even better news...we’ve already have someone queued up: our sister-growth fund, Jumpstart Capital. Through the JSF Blueprint, portfolio companies that have reached a certain set of milestones have the opportunity to pitch to JSC partners. We call it an unfair advantage to win.

Capital Connect

Connect Events

We design all Connect Events with acute attention to detail. We intentionally curate our attendee lists, aiming to bring the best healthcare innovators into the same room as highly engaged industry insiders and investors. We’re also known for having “dance cards” at many of our events. But don’t worry, we’ll fill your dance card for you so you know you have people to meet at every event!