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We support the future of healthcare by funding the companies that are changing it.

Are you an early-stage founder looking for strategic capital?

Strategic Capital : Manufacturing Success

$150k to get started, a blueprint to scale, & a network of executives, mentors, peers, and investors to grow your vision.

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62 portfolio companies across 18 states.

Our network extends across the country. 

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The right help at the right time.

 Through years of experience, we’ve identified the best practices to cut down on trial & error and created a set of tiered resources specific to the stage of your company and the market it serves.

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Is Jumpstart Foundry right for your healthcare startup?

If your company is partially funded, running its first pilot program, already been through an accelerator or has its first MVP in the healthcare technology space, then let’s talk. If you’re not only looking for money, but looking for the right money, then you’re in the right place.

Our applications are open year round with two rounds of investments made in April and November.

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Strategic partners

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