Jumpstart Foundry is a seed-stage healthcare innovation fund with one goal: Make Something Better. We invest in, guide and support our founder partners through a systemized, step-by-step process and work towards success, together.

We believe founders need more than just capital to succeed and provide meaningful innovation in healthcare. That’s why we’ve developed an extensive network of people, services and community around collaborating together to win.

Who We Are Looking For

Jumpstart's process works best with strong product-focused teams, who are driven to solve healthcare to BOTH make a difference and make an obscene pile of cash.

We are not an accelerator. If you are a first time entrepreneur trying to “figure it out” and looking to get a crash course on start-ups, we are probably not for you.

If your company is partially funded, running its first pilot program, already been through an accelerator or has its first MVP in the healthcare technology space, then let’s talk. If you’re not only looking for money, but looking for the right money, then we’re happy you are here.

We’re looking for smart partners and we hope you are too. Apply now.

How It Works

JSF has established close relationships with some of the largest hospitals, insurance companies, physicians and healthcare corporations around the country. Each year our corporate partners trust Jumpstart to help them find great new start-ups to solve specific problems that they have identified in their business.  We search across the U.S. to find the best teams of talented founders building incredible innovations that match these real-world challenges.  

Our fund invests in twenty + high-quality, seed and growth stage healthcare companies. Our model is straight forward: We invest $150K in exchange for 7.5% of equity. We then bring your solutions to the industry and help you land pilots and paying customers. This is how we deliver the Unfair Advantage to our portfolio each year.

Jumpstart also provides extensive support through our suite of services solely designed to take your start-up from underdog to lead contender. We supply key infrastructure you need including strategic marketing, sales, talent, operations and additional capital introductions. This allows you to grow quickly in exchange for a $50K service fee.

Why It Works

There is power in numbers and not just the kind in your company’s bank account. Through years of trial and error, Jumpstart has developed a tried and true, scalable approach to adding massive value to the companies we choose to work with. First of all, money is simply not enough. Capital is just one piece of a much larger, more complex puzzle.

The founder’s time is the most critical resource in a startup. JSF brings its network of relationships to save you time, connect you with the right industry partners and multiply your efforts to drive success.  

We have proven results over multiple portfolios of start-ups.  That’s why we are the third most active fund working in the United States today. Do you have a great idea ready to scale?  Let the power of the JSF network give your innovation an unfair advantage. 


At Jumpstart, we have standard terms. We value each partner company at $2M. While we understand you are building a unique, amazing and innovative company, we have standard terms for a very practical reason. We decided to move to standard terms to allow us to make 20+ investment all on the same day. It is simply a matter of operational necessity.  Given our standardization, we can vastly streamline the investment process.

This helps our portfolio because it allows us to bring 8-10 innovative new product offerings to a large corporate buyer and grab their attention… with single investments this high-level access is simply not possible.  

Instead of spending time “arm-wrestling” over your VALUATION,  at Jumpstart Foundry we roll up our sleeves and pitch-in to help you build a viable product company in 12-18 months.  This puts us together to talk about your true EVALUATION eighteen months from now when you are cashflow positive and delivering your product in a repeatable, scalable manner. 

We are interested in predictable and successful outcomes.  We will build a plan to help your innovation reach market and financial success as fast as possible.  Then - if you want to raise millions, great!  We can help connect with the right firm. If your goal is to eventually sell for a meaningful but perhaps not Unicorn-esc pay day ($15-40M), then also great. We can get you there too.